June 24-26, 2011

Those Women!

Pat Berry, Lyn Cowan, Christine Downing, Nor Hall, Ginette Paris, Hendrika de Vries

Those Women is a conference to honor women whose work is foundational to Depth, Archetypal, and Jungian Psychology:

Pat Berry, Lyn Cowan, Christine Downing, Nor Hall, Ginette Paris, and Hendrika de Vries

Their writings and teachings unleashed our imaginations, steeped our lives in symbolic understanding and guided many of us in trusting our emerging feelings and knowings.

The personal and collective movement of psyche is seen and valued by the questions they pose, the observations each explores and the unique challenges to which each says “yes.”

The intellectual heft and heart-felt contributions of these women adds to the shift of cultural consciousness, laying down a legacy for all who are to come. This conference is to honor the many contributions made by these women. More importantly, it is to hear their current thinking, insights and perspectives, and learn how we might imagine carrying the best of ourselves forward in an eve changing world.

March 18-20-2011

Ernest & Kathryn Rossi Workshop:

How We Change the Brain to Change the Culture

Facilitating Creative Consciousness with Art, Beauty, & Truth in Psychotherapy Most people are startled to learn how Art, Beauty, and Truth can turn on gene expression and brain growth during creative experiences. It is profound to realize that our highest and most inspired states of consciousness can facilitate optimal gene expression and brain plasticity, while stress and trauma can distort and suppress it. Learn how to facilitate the 4-stage creative process for optimizing of gene expression, brain plasticity, problem solving, and mind-body healing.

October 8-10-2010

Malintzin Society & Institute for Cultural Change present:

The Other

With Laura Esquivel, Author, Like Water for Chocolate

Few images have received more attention in the past decades than that of the Other. But how do we understand the Other nowadays, in times when globalization and technological progress allow for a myriad of perspectives to converge in one same place? And even more important: how do we experience the Other? What exactly happens when we face what is different from us?

Past Events developed by Lori Pye:

2007 Nature & Human Nature: Changing Perspectives

2008 The Mythology of Violence