Whether invited or not,Change happens, Not only in the natural and social worlds we inhabit,But in our souls. It is an evolutionary process that can lead to the discovery of new ways of living and being.


ICC Vision

Our aim is to create and connect an impassioned global community committed to altering how we might relate to our self, each other and the natural world less destructively, to discover ways to interact in less violent, racist and sexist ways, and to work toward augmenting conscious change in a challenging world.

ICC Core Values

Responsibility to self, others and the planet




Development of new perspectives

Moving ideas into action


A Journey uniting an impassioned Global Community aligning positive thought, energy, belief and action for a more Environmentally Sustainable and Socially Just World.WWONEWLOGO1


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At Viridis Graduate Institute we build practical awareness, raise ecological awareness, create a new narrative, develop psychological insight and enable students to redesign the world!

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Viridis Graduate Institute

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